YksiKaksi is a Quickstarter project made in collaboration with Mira Nameth.


Together we created a lampshade that can be wrapped over existing lampshades or it can be used by on its own as well. Our aim was to create something that apartment renters can decorate their homes with. In rented apartments furniture usually are included in the rent so with our lampshade it is possible to change the look of the space without need to remove the existing lamps.


Name of YksiKaksi comes from Finnish language, it means OneTwo, we thought that is  how quick and easy it should be to put a lampshade on. YksiKaksi  is made from durable polypropylene sheet by laser cutting and it is assembled with six paper fasteners. As the lampshade is made from polypropylene sheet it is possible to roll it and send it in a cardboard tube.


There were few fundamental rules in Quickstarter project, the whole campaign should be planned in three months or less, campaign should go on max. 20 days, funding goal should be under 1000£, rewards should be kept under 50£ and no PR or media outreach.