Fello chair is designed to be a lounge chair. The idea behind the chair was to create a sustainable chair with circular economy in mind.


The project is done to answer to the question of what happens to a huge amount of textile waste that is produced in the world. As textile waste is coming a huge problem because of fast fashion, the aim was to find clever solutions and new usage for the textile waste and also improve the materials that are currently made from textile waste. The material development aims to create attractive materials from textile waste such as felts with different colors. The prototype of the Fello is made from recycled felt that is manufactured with currently used methods.


The seat of the chair is made entirely from felt that is made from textile and carpet waste. The frame is made from steel pipe. The reason for usage of these materials is that they can be recycled into the same material again when and if the chair is disposed. The chair is designed so that the parts of the chair can be dissembled easily and so on the parts can be recycled.